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U.S.A.F. Application Form

3/15/13 by Tremulos

95% filled out

I'm looking at a 6-year enlistment. Since I only have a HS diploma, I'll most likely be starting out at the bottom, E-1 Airman Basic, at $17,892 a year. As I continue in the Air Force I will no doubt progress through the ranks, earning higher pay, but even if I was fixed at $17,892 I would have a good chunk of money by the end of 6 years, or at least a lot more money than I would have otherwise. And I'll have the training and experience and whatnot.

So yeah, assuming I don't fail their tests (highly unlikely), I'll be in the United States Air Force shortly.


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Your survey entry: 87

4/5/13 Tremulos responds:

Whoa, when did I answer those questions?



Good luck! Btw, maybe related, have you seen red tails (2012)?

3/28/13 Tremulos responds:

Thanks! No I haven't seen that, but I can see how it's related to Air Force



Nice one bro, I hope you achieve everything you set out to accomplish, going to miss your music :( hopefully you can find the time to still make and upload some new tracks now and then.

Keep safe dude, look after yourself and serve with pride!


3/28/13 Tremulos responds:

I have no idea what to expect as far as free time and computer-usage goes for when I'll be in the AF, but if I do end up with any time I'll probably squeeze out a loop or two. I hope I don't have free time though, to be honest. I've had an entire year of free time and I'm ready to do things.

Thanks man.



Another wasted man, another body bag.

3/28/13 Tremulos responds:




Good luck

3/28/13 Tremulos responds: