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MEPS: check

7/8/13 by Tremulos

Went through MEPS the other day; it was actually fun, I don't know why people say it sucks so much. I got a 94 on the ASVAB but still didn't qualify for the job I wanted; not sure what's up with that, but I don't care beyond the fact that I hate failing. Soon I'll sign on for whatever job is available out of the 10 I chose and I'll be going to BMT, which I'm looking forward to. I plan on spending the next 8 years in active service to the United States Air Force. Hopefully I'll get some promotions along the way.


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Looking forward to basic? Hope your body works as well as you think it does! Good luck and stay strong.

7/8/13 Tremulos responds:

I'm tip-top, and I've always loved physical challenges (plus, it's only Air Force basic). I'm sure I'll be miserable anyways, but that doesn't mean I can't enjoy myself! Are you prior service?