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Sneak peak at Star Wars 7

2013-08-18 01:33:32 by Tremulos

Leaked image of Star Wars 7, conveniently labeled and 100% legitimate.

Sneak peak at Star Wars 7


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2013-08-18 01:51:01

Seems promising

Tremulos responds:

Thank you


2013-08-18 07:51:14

But it looks so jaw-droppingly retarded.

Wonder why George fucked up the prequels so much.

Tremulos responds:

Hey man we worked hard on this; we used AT LEAST 3 apps for all those effects.

It would seem that George Lucas was never really to blame for the originals being so good, and he had complete control over the prequels so basically that's what went wrong. Have you seen the Plinkett reviews? Aside from the stupid psycho-murderer jokes, they make a lot of valid points and explain exactly why the prequels didn't work.


2013-08-18 14:06:08

I did see those Plinkett reviews. They are very informative.

But the question they can't answer, and I'm starting to wonder is *why* the prequels sucked so much. Maybe you're right; maybe George had less control over the originals and that ended up being for the best for those movies.

Tremulos responds:

It could be that everyone involved in making the prequels treated it as more of a cash-grab than a project worth working on. Of course George seemed to be the biggest problem, but no one seemed interested in trying to steer the movies away from being so bad. It's like everyone involved in making them just went along with it because they knew it would make money anyways, and that attitude dominated the development.

Basically it looks like George went from being a passionate director and writer, creating a story and telling that story visually, to a rich guy making movies for fun, playing with his new computer toys. Even if George did have stupid ideas for the originals, it seems that people talked him out of them, but they only did that because they felt that what they were working on was worth it, and that was missing from the prequels, and I think George's overall attitude towards the film making process played a huge part in that.


2013-08-18 14:35:38

That sounds about right.

It reminds me of an ingenious insight during one of the plinkett interviews in which he praises the opening scene of Star Wars ep. 4 and said that it was so good that he suspects it wasn't Lucas's idea, lol.

*Sigh*, in a parallel universe, all of the movies were excellently written and directed and we will never get to enjoy them.

Tremulos responds:

Haha yeah, that seems to pretty much sum it up. At least we have the originals, and some of the fan fiction is actually pretty good too.