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And what a first car it is! Awesome. Seems like the kind of first car you'd only get in America...

Idk about only in America, but it's a pretty common first car in the Air Force. You've got tons of kids joining straight out of high school, all of a sudden they're making $1300 a month and have no bills at all and eat for free at the DFAC. Most of them seem to get Camaros though

Even with a $1300/month salary and no expenses most people here would think twice about buying a Mustang. :) Usually first cars are something like a 30 y/o (any car over 30 years is classed as veteran and left untaxed) Volkswagen Golf or Volvo. In most countries (in Europe, no idea about the rest of the world) just owning the car is pretty expensive, they have taxes for everything, gas prices are high and you have to pay for insurance/a yearly check-up where they evaluate safety and any necessary repair/new parts, which usually turns up something even on newer cars. So, costs...

A cheap insurance is at least $800/year, taxes $320/year (for this car specifically), yearly checkup $40... But that's all nice and dandy until certain parts need changing! Fuel costs weren't as different as I expected though. Well, I guess if you're lucky it's just one months pay/year... what does a car like this cost over there btw?

I'm not sure what the usual price would be but the guy I bought mine from sold it to me for $6500. He's my supervisor at work so I'm pretty sure he hooked me up. Insurance is $120 a month, and it cost $35 to fill up the tank when it was on empty. Probably another $50 a month to keep it serviced, which isn't too bad. Ultimately I'll still be able to save and spend money each paycheck, especially since I get paid twice a month.

Most people here wouldn't get a Mustang as a first car either, but my case is special, since I bought it from my supervisor, and the fact that it's been in an accident and is rebuilt definitely drove the price down, but it runs perfectly and none of its minor issues actually affect driving, so I'm good to go!

Ah, not so cheap after all (though definitely a good price on the car itself)! Looks like I've been feeding off of stereotypes a bit. As far as insurance goes though, that is optional over there isn't it? And no taxes on (owning) cars?

Insurance is determined by state law I think, and I'm pretty sure it's mandatory in every state, or at least I know it's mandatory here in AZ. No car-owning tax though. My insurance rate is probably effected by my young age and the fact that it's a Mustang :P



fuckin weebs



damn dude I wish my first car was as badass looking.

Yep I got lucky

pretty nice first car. realy nice gangster rims too. hope its a v8. what about that subaru wrx next to it? is that a friends?

Indeed! It's just a v6, automatic too, but I've still had two incidents of police telling me to slow down, thankfully no tickets though. I wouldn't know what to do with a V8.

Idk who owns the Subaru, it's a dorm parking lot and people around here aren't too social.