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I like particles just as much as the next guy, I really do, but come on, is this really Newgrounds material? Youtube is PERFECT for this sort of thing, so why put it on Newgrounds? This would be amazing if it had been created entirely in Flash, but it wasn't; it was created through a series of camera movements, particle simulations, and a lot of settings being tweaked with. It is beautiful, absolutely, and I know it takes work to set up and I'm not trying to imply that it doesn't take creativity and effort, but it's so different from personally crafted animations that I just don't feel like it fits on Newgrounds.

Then again, I guess NG is becoming more and more like Youtube. Maybe we'll have a 3D section in the future Video Portal..... well, regardless of where in my opinion these sort of videos belong, these are some lovely particle simulations. The coloring especially was quite nice.

Alldin responds:

Creating 3D/Simulation requires math, algorithm, computer power,
solutions, artistic side, technical knowledge, animation knowledge... and lots of patience.

So it's not really (press few buttons, done). =)

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Damn dude, this is some good shit. Love the beat and your flow.

I like it! Good solid sound and a sweet riff. Some note variation with the lead would be nice, as would a little drum fill at the end to change the beat up a bit.

CrustICroC responds:

Hey, nice that you like it. This is just playing around. Something like that I will play in my upcoming songs

Absolutely badass, man; the layering of the multiple vocal tracks sounds professional as fuck. You take my music to another level.

PhallicNinja responds:

Bro I only throw my best on your tracks lol. Can't wait for you to start pumping more out again!


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