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Classic synthwave! Love the choice of instruments and use of filters. Keep it up homie!

Damn dude, this is some good shit. Love the beat and your flow.

I like it! Good solid sound and a sweet riff. Some note variation with the lead would be nice, as would a little drum fill at the end to change the beat up a bit.

CrustICroC responds:

Hey, nice that you like it. This is just playing around. Something like that I will play in my upcoming songs

Absolutely badass, man; the layering of the multiple vocal tracks sounds professional as fuck. You take my music to another level.

PhallicNinja responds:

Bro I only throw my best on your tracks lol. Can't wait for you to start pumping more out again!

This is actually perfect.

PhallicNinja responds:

Ah, muchas gracias senor! Merry Christmas!

Fuck yeah, I was hoping you'd put some vocals to this one haha, and speaking of which they sound better than ever. I thought the lyrics were hilarious and that works for me, it's great stuff. I'm not sure why silly lyrics work so well with metal but they do. That text sound is priceless haha. Nice one man!

PhallicNinja responds:

Ha thanks bro!
That's my new mic you're hearing, btw ;]
handles high spl vocals much better

I got goosebumps.

PhallicNinja responds:

Ah! thanks man =] I really really do love all your music. I even bought all my new equipment just to do that Maleficent Design project.
(Did you catch that I lengthened your track so you could keep chuggun after the "solo" a little longer? muhahaha)

Dude, this is amazing. This has always been one of my favorite songs of mine and your vocals match up PERFECTLY, especially the mix which sounds especially good. I really like the clean singing too, it just works so well. Great work man!

PhallicNinja responds:

Thanks man! I'd heard it before and wanted to do something with it, but didn't. Then when I read his news post your song instantly came into my head. =D

Holy shit, this song is a lot better with your vocals. Nice work! This wasn't my most well mixed song so sorry about that, haha. You did well though, and the lyrics kick ass, though I'm sure the inspiration for them isn't much fun.

As far as tips on the mixing go, it sounds like maybe the volume of the song itself could be a little bit quieter to give your vocals more room. Still sounds great anyways though. Awesome stuff!

PhallicNinja responds:

Thanks bud =) yeah this is the first test of my new equipment.

Lookin forward to working with you more!!

Dude, this is nice. Very atmospheric and creative, though at times it feels a bit too inconsistent, mostly during the 1:58-2:35 time that Shadows mentioned. The nature of creativity is hit and miss like that though, so in a way it's a good sign :)

Overall though this is enjoyable, calming, and interesting. Nice work!

Carr77 responds:

Thanks for the commentt :)


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