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2013-01-30 05:27:19 by Tremulos

So many bands that I enjoy are working on new albums to be released in 2013

Amon Amarth
Blood Red Throne
Arcturus (it's been 8 years!)
Keep of Kalessin (hopefully)
HateSphere (I think)
Diablo Swing Orchestra (possibly)

Actually I don't know for sure if any of these are coming out in 2013 (other than Ghost's album which has been announced), but there is a good chance for most of them... I think.

Unrelated, as they are split-up and will not be releasing any new albums this year or any year after, but a good song nonetheless from an album that I'm finally getting around to enjoying:

Also, even more unrelated, a dubstep album that I discovered recently that I actually enjoy. How surprising!

Also I am transmitting your exact location



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