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2013-02-17 01:49:13 by Tremulos

My 18th birthday is coming up (27th). What should I do?

EDIT: Today (my 18th birthday) I had cinnamon rolls for breakfast and watched Youtube videos, tonight I'll go to church youth group where everyone will be surprised to see me with a buzzcut after having nearly shoulder-length hair for the last few months, and I have $35 in birthday money. I wish I wasn't so boring but oh well, I HAVE A NEW ICON



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2013-02-17 02:04:07

Either that, or money so that you could get stuff you'd like.

Tremulos responds:

Should I do all of the drugs, or just one? I do hope to receive money but these days I don't expect much.


2013-02-17 11:48:05

nake naruto vampy FAN ART!!!!!

Tremulos responds:

That's an even better idea