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USAF - MEPS and then BMT

2013-04-18 01:46:39 by Tremulos

Tomorrow I will know when I'm scheduled to go to MEPS, and then I'll have BMT to look forward to. Is anyone here on Newgrounds in the Air Force? Any tips for BMT?


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2013-04-18 03:03:36

There were two USAF/NG members that I remember from the General Forum... don't recall their names, but they each started a thread about a year ago.
Maybe in... ah, try looking through here

Tremulos responds:

Cool, thanks.


2013-04-19 17:20:11

rick santorum

Tremulos responds:



2013-05-05 08:48:15

Unrelated to news-post, but welcome back!



2013-05-05 08:51:12

Just realized you didn't actually return that recently, lol.

The sentiment stands.


2013-05-05 08:51:34

Sorry about that.

I hate you, Newgrounds.

Tremulos responds:

SNOWBLADE!! Haha no problem, though I was surprised to see that I had 8 new blog replies. Silly Newgrounds.

Anyways, wow it's been awhile. Your music is sounding good, dude. Great to see that you're getting some nice exposure! Are you using parametric EQs and compressors these days? Those tools have changed the way I do mixing, though I primarily make short metal loops these days which don't matter much to anyone but myself, but they're still fun.

So how are things?


2013-05-05 18:28:15

Yeah, I've managed to improve a fair bit over the last few songs (it baffles me how retarded I was with my Soundgoodizers a few years ago, lol.)

Your metals loops are sounding pro, btw :P

Tremulos responds:

Thanks :P

I'm pretty sure that every inexperienced producer goes crazy with the Soundgoodizers; I recently got FLS for my cousin and it's his favorite plug-in to use :P


2013-05-06 06:00:18

Haha, that's probably true. I kind of used them to the point that they became Soundbadizers, though, as my friend put it.

When'd you join the Air Force, btw? (I just got around to reading your newspost, lol.)

Tremulos responds:

I started the process of joining the Air Force a month ago, but there's a LOT of waiting involved at this point :P It gives me time to prepare myself physically for basic training though.


2013-05-07 06:38:37

Man, I would never have the motivation to do that. Good luck! :P

Irrelevant, but do you have Skype?

Tremulos responds:

Yeah I manage to motivate myself to go for a run about once a week, if that. I'm basically going to get the shit kicked out of me at training no matter what, but I don't have anything else to do. I don't have a Skype and probably never will :P