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Gettin dat $$$$

2013-10-24 22:42:12 by Tremulos

I recently got a job that was supposed to be part time, but thanks to a few other employees being unavailable for an extended period of time (and thanks to my extraordinary work ethics), I'm currently working 35+ hours a week. Sure it's minimum wage ($9.19 per hour; WA > your state), but the only expense I have is rent, and I'm living with my parents and they only have me pay $100 a month.

Money piles up fast when you don't have to spend any of it. I might build a nice computer or buy a nice sword, but for the most part I'm just hoarding it. Of course I hate the job though; basically I'm a waiter in a retirement home and I have to put up with grumpy unhappy dissatisfied old people's shit for three meals in a row. Thankfully I'm only doing this while I wait to be shipped off to USAF basic training; it's nice knowing that it's temporary.


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2013-10-30 16:35:36

Sweet deal lol

Tremulos responds:

Yep, but I just found out today that I leave for BMT on January 14th so it won't be for much longer!


2013-10-31 02:05:55

No way dude!? Congrats! You've been working hard!

Tremulos responds:

Haha thanks