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Minecraft + 3D Printing = Win

2014-07-27 03:16:06 by Tremulos


Started out with these blocks and more are soon to follow. I barely ever play Minecraft these days so I don't know why these make me so happy but I have always enjoyed cubes and video games, so why not. They're exactly one inch in diameter and have a nice weight to them; only drawback is that they cost about $15 each to print, but I have nothing else to spend my money on. Hopefully these will be available to the public eventually, but I think they need to confirm that they printed successfully first or something.





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2014-07-27 07:12:10

Lookin' pretty awesome bro :D

Tremulos responds:

Thanks bro


2014-07-29 21:46:50

hey whatsup hereforrock/xarnor/someothername

Tremulos responds:

Hey S3C, not much. hopefully gettin the fuck out of the military pretty soon here actually


2014-07-29 22:22:18

oh cool you're in the military now? what branch? why are you leaving?

Tremulos responds:

Air Force. Long story short it was probably the worst mistake of my life, joining the military, and I really should have got out while I was still in training, but I'm working with my First Sergeant now to explore my options and worst case scenario, I end up with an administrative discharge and no benefits which I'm cool with